Engine Guards and Gravel Practice for your Motorcycle

Sad fact…I’d ordered Engine Guards and they were sitting in my garage, still in the damn box! Laziness and procrastination had led me to put off their installation. I paid for that! Literally!

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Blogging Under The Stars

Soon I will be in the desert, in a city built for 1200 people; a city built to vanish without a trace. “Under the Stars”, I’ll be writing words, taking pictures and sending these out on tenuous wavelengths for others to read.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

This happens every few years; trust me. It’s a fine-tuned piece of clockwork that gets out of sync, needing an equally fine-tuned piece of Norse, hammer technology to carefully bring it back into precise alignment. Even gentlemen in tailored day suits and monocles cannot predict it, nor can they prevent it. Despite the best scientists, regardless of the bones and tea leaves used to foretell its coming, the shit happens. You may know not “when” but you can plan bowel movements and bets around the certainty.

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Poorly Made Things

Back to the writing…from something I’ve been working on for some time; just a glimpse.

Watching the patterns of men, women and their children reminds me of something I read once…

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The theme for the next bit is Revisions. We’ll start with the front page of this very site! (Go take a look, it’s good for you.) Next, we’ll start getting very serious about a few writing projects. One of these projects includes “the rest of the story” after Mr. Rain and The Weathermen…

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The recent past…in writing

Locked, bound, and not breathing…

locked, bound, and not breathing... Being Bipolar, depressed, having anxiety, agoraphobia, etc...it's being shut in. It's being bound up and blinded. It's panic and terror. It's wanting to die, quickly (or slowly). It's craving pain, because that's an outlet and something to take your mind away from what you're feeling at the time. read more


Fear and Hate. Hate alone is a cowardly thing. Fear is a bit more active, it leads to simple, bad decisions that don’t simply impact the coward; the decisions impact everyone. Combine fear with hate, and a forge is made. read more

How Hot is Your Bolt?

How Hot is Your Yamaha Bolt VX950? I got a Flir One a little while ago...for, Reasons (they have the iOS version too). As soon as it arrived I got the idea of taking a video of my Yamaha Bolt VX950 read more

Capture Them

My parents are on a timer, and they've both led amazing lives...especially my mom. This week she's in the hospital and it kind of struck me that, while she's pretty damn indestructible, she isn't immortal. It's time to get those stories of theirs down, to capture them and archive them, so they're not lost in the rain. Riding white water through tunnels in a mountain. Standing on the beach, watching the cloud rise as the Bikini Atoll was incinerated by a Hydrogen Bomb. read more

A Long Time Gone

I've been a long time gone... Not slacking or slouching the time away. The hours spent changing things were well spent. Time passed on planes, travelling to distant lands; time spent building a new, solo company--doing my thing, my way. I've been constructing a foundation for "what I want", but not always able to do the "want" vs. the "need". read more

Douche Hat

I need a douche hat...and a shitty car with a soup-can muffler. While you're giving me gifts, why not some mid '90's economy sedan with plenty of space under the hood for superchargers, turbos, cold air intakes and enough trunk space to stuff a few bass cannons so I might make my brain hemorrhage. read more
Videos…no writing here

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