Coming to the Jebus

Today I left the dark confines of my Happy Place and had a Coming to the Jebus.

A Temple Burns

Yes, that’s me standing there in a hat, flame resistant shirt, Thai fisherman pants and a pair of boots with a fully engulfed temple not more than fifty feet behind me. The fireman in the picture wasn’t there to douse the flames. I wasn’t a spectator. There was a crowd gathered in near silence, wrapped in their own thoughts, memories and reflections as this structure burned.

It was a little after 3 AM on a Sunday morning in the middle of the desert.
(Photo Courtesy of Nick Franchi)

Poorly Made Things

Back to the writing…from something I’ve been working on for some time; just a glimpse.

Watching the patterns of men, women and their children reminds me of something I read once…

Temporal Claustrophobia

Trying to explain progress, letting go of things and being okay with the divergence of lives as they move along their perspective paths is hard; almost impossible, especially when the people you’re talking about, and explaining these things to, play important roles in your story. There’s a lot of quiet space, filled with thought and the careful construction of concepts, what you’ll say next and how to put these together in a way that won’t cause everything to collapse or explode. The places filled with words are fueled by emotion and energy; tinder just ready for a spark. And there you sit, in the center of attention with a magnifying glass focused down and sunlight beaming through the lens; nowhere to go and the whole conversation compressing the air around you.

Meat and Pudding

Meat and Pudding, Pudding and Meat – Catch22! If you don’t power through one, you cannot get the other; it is known.

The Spin Up

As "The Spin Up" proceeds (the process of getting ready to tackle a pretty major writing the midst of chaos), I am going to do something I see a lot of people ask about. What sort of tools do you use to write? I'll answer that...suiting my own needs. I've...

The recent past…in writing

Hail Mary

Life doesn’t stop between posts, it just…degrades.

I am out of options, hitting for the fences now. 

I really, really hate mental illness.

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2018 Harley Davidson FXBR, Breakout

The Great Motorcycle Hunt of 2018 is over! A couple of weekends ago I bought a 2018 Harley Davidson FXBR, Breakout.

And since this damn blog shares a lot of words about riding, and since Spivey (my 2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec) is now in the loving hands of my daughter; you’re going to hear a lot about this 2018 Harley Davidson Breakout.

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Pessimistic Idealism

My dreams are woven from dark fabric; bound in smoke and fire – embellished with tears. Yet, to see such decoration our eyes need light. It is pointless to weave intricate patterns that cannot be seen. There can never be destruction without creation.

Pessimistic pondering must be balanced by Idealism, or the entire dream collapses into depthless nightmare.

So, yes. I am a man with Pessimistic Idealism driving my thoughts. Since nothing is mutually inclusive, these two clashing concepts work in balance to create some future vision. I think they birth Hope…and a fragile Faith.

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The Great Motorcycle Hunt of 2018

The Great Motorcycle Hunt of 2018 Spivey is now in the loving hands of my daughter. He was a faithful steed and I miss him. But I am very happy he is where he is.   Searching... This Spring I will get my next bike. Since I have a habit of researching...

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Toxicity …is everywhere, and it’s seeping into life — both waking and sleeping. This is what I’m doing about it.

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White Supremacists in the Full-Time RV community have forced me to deactivate my FaceBook account. Old friends are not really speaking to me right now. We have one car, so while Julie’s at work I’m land-bound.

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Videos…no writing here

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