2018 Harley Davidson FXBR, Breakout

The Great Motorcycle Hunt of 2018 is over! A couple of weekends ago I bought a 2018 Harley Davidson FXBR, Breakout.

I really cannot describe how good it feels to have a bike again after almost a year without one. Even a person like me, who isn’t a Harley fan, had to admit after a lot of research, examining the thing from top to bottom, giving it a test ride…well, I had to admit they made one hell of a bike!

I’m serious, I have never ridden a bike that fits so damn well.

But, I’m not going to turn this into a review. What I’m doing is throwing down a bookmark. Riding is an important thing to me, and it’s integral to so much of who/what I am. And since this damn blog shares a lot of words about riding, and since Spivey (my 2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec) is now in the loving hands of my daughter; you’re going to hear a lot about this 2018 Harley Davidson Breakout.

And since it’s a complete re-design, the search for parts, customizations, things to make it “mine” is on! I don’t want to become an HD fanboy, and “customizing by Catalog” is both a blessing and a curse for the Harley owner; it’s not how I do things.

Let the rides begin, and enjoy the Journey!

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