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I was born in Indiana (1970), raised by wild Amish, left to wander railroad tracks alone and ride a bike without a helmet. Years passed and I moved around America, learning the differences between East and West and the spaces in between. In there, somewhere, writing became an interest.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world (Asia, mostly) and have spent my time watching, asking questions, learning how the greater framework functions.

These days I fit words between work, play and the relentless press of adulthood.

This Site exists as an outlet.


–CL Turner

Red Mask and Darkness

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    Corporate Things

  • No links? No screenshots?
  • Nope.
  • Why?
  • I don’t want to have to worry about censoring my words here. I’ll be happy to point you to them if you ask, but no, I won’t be linking them. Besides, several of them are behind firewalls, so you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway!
  • There is one really cool one though…that is public!
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