Capture Them

Capture them, the memories, while you can…

My parents are on a timer, and they’ve both led amazing lives…especially my mom. This week she’s in the hospital and it kind of struck me that, while she’s pretty damn indestructible, she isn’t immortal.

It’s time to get those stories of theirs down, to capture them and archive them, so they’re not lost in the rain.

Riding white water through tunnels in a mountain.

Standing on the beach, watching the cloud rise as the Bikini Atoll was incinerated by a Hydrogen Bomb.

Collecting hand grenades, swords, rifles and soldiers from caves on Pacific Islands (some of those soldiers still fighting a war that was over, some were merely bones…) in the 1950’s.

Taking cars into places cars were never meant to go and being forced to hike back out…then back in to fix the car and drive it back in one piece. No four-wheel drives, no special equipment.

Cutting your own vinyl to release an actual record? Heheheheh…back, back, back before the day was even on a calendar!

Offering medical treatment to an Amish community and breaking through that barrier so my whole family (to this day) can still knock on a door and be welcomed like family.

My dad’s first motorcycle!

Those are things that need to be preserved, kept and cherished.

So I’ve bought each of them a simple, small, high quality audio recorder with one simple instruction; “Record your stories”.

I think they will. And I don’t care if I cannot listen until they’re gone…because they’ll be there.

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