Today I left the dark confines of my Happy Place and had a Coming to the Jebus.

Coming to the Jebus

Coming to the Jebus

Taking my own advice, I began the process of a step stolen from the alcoholics…I believe it’s step number 63: “Make Amends”.

Humbly, I asked advice from an interested (captive), but objective, 3rd party about how to deal with certain situations involving others and how I can make these situations better.

It was a longer meeting than I expected because Jebus required a whole lot of coming and I obviously have much righting to do!

The advice was good and a valuable reminder of things I need to be doing, but just let slip. It was also a good opportunity to work out some long-standing differences and offenses without a ritual of combat. Dust has been shaken loose. My cranium has been successfully removed from my own anus. Step number 28 (“Make Amends”, remember?) is underway with no illusions that a Cat-Meme e-Card will make it all better.

As my dead Gran used to say “Yer own advice t’ain’t worth the shit smeared on a bathroom stall if you t’ain’t willin’ t’use yer own finger!”

This might sound all cute and bitchy (the way an Emo kid sounds when you kick him), but I take it very seriously.

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