Red Mask and Darkness

Warning: This is not a recent picture.

There are dark things on our bent horizon…

I built this site to be pretty clear push to the name I actually use when I write things for myself, that I want to have published in that name. Back in that day, I was just going to dedicate it strictly to that. Now? Fuck it. I manage and mangle about 12 web properties, publish an ass-load of things (mostly work(s) related) and this name has been centipeded into about every other name I have.

This site is still, primarily about writing.

There, I said it. Now I can take that deep, confessional breath, turn my head and cough appropriately.

First, the experimental shit (that stuff on Amazon). I wanted to learn the finer details of “self-publishing” (let’s call it ego masturbation)…that thing anyone and their three-legged dog can do whether they’re good or not (or is that blogging?). And that actually turned out better than I expected since what I published on Amazon was a toe in the water and really didn’t portray my best work. They were ideas, captured on a screen, encapsulated and pushed out fast; that’s why I charged the absolute minimum for it and even gave a lot of it away for no cost.

Second, almost everything I write currently is in places you will never see. They are technical and training documents that live behind a corporate firewall, protected by patents, NDA’s and a really bitchy marmot named Gertrude. Only recently did any of that get released to the other corporate dimension I like to call “public domain”. But, I won’t link to that because it’s work. If you’re curious, you’ll find it.

Third, time and life. Time has been preciously squandered by things I’d rather spend doing other things. Life, especially the last year, has been a lesson in death and illness. I just haven’t had time or health to sit down at one of these machines and make words. BUT since death and illness are any writer’s favorite drinks, I now have the fuel and motivation to get off my ass and start writing again.

The Bench

Here, have some of my darkness

The new stuff is and will be dark. The new stuff is and will be twisted. The new stuff will not appeal to mass audiences and will probably make you reach for your faithful teddy bear. Fluffy shit that more people will want to read might happen too, but not until I’m around 50, so you have to wait a few years for that to happen!

Fourth, and final, is photography. I already have a site for that and if you want to see it go to I no longer consider myself a “photographer”, but I dabble and I enjoy it. ^That site is very NSFW, so beware.

Thanks for bearing with me. Now, let’s get started…again.

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