Occasionally you need to drop the bomb; go with the nuclear option in order to scorch your landscape clear and let a new environment take hold.

I’ve looked over my domain, realised I was not much pleased with the current crop of shit, and called in the strike.

With a gentle sigh, I reached for the sunglasses, poured a nice adult beverage (my personal choice is a vodka tonic, using only Smirnoff Stolichnaya), and waited for the flash.

Some of the things I intended to “let go” went quickly, others are just gonna have to be victims of radiation poisoning, fallout, fire, or the inevitable chaos that follows mass destruction. The chaos is a “wait and see” sort of thing; some chaos is good, some is just a pain in the ass that requires bullets and knives.

While the ground still burns, I’ll move in. Wreckage will be plowed down. Ground will be cleared. Bodies will be disposed of in large, unmarked trenches and covered with lime and salts, the earth marked with sigils and signs of warning; the dead will not rise to haunt my reconstructing.

Guess I better put on my gloves, and maybe one of those rubber aprons. No need for this to be messy…

Drop the Bomb
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