Failing Happiness is the place of wilting, not dying, wilting.

I can’t generalize for everyone suffering from Mental Illness, I won’t speak for them; if anything, this shit is so random my own descriptions can’t really match up to anyone else. I do know we’ve all felt “Failing Happiness”…probably every human has.

I know happiness. I see echos…

the birth of my daughter


falling in love


and I’ve seen a lot of it whither away…not all!…some. A sizeable chunk (how’s that?).

The question is, how do I cut the rot, cultivate and grow happiness again?

  • Be positive
  • Find at least one thing that brings you joy each day, and write about it.
    • Or take a picture of it
      • then write about it!
  • Surround yourself with positive and nurturing people
    • BE a positive and nurturing person
  • Forgive yourself
  • Be Mindful

I know the steps, I’ve made the list! It’s just a long, long way out of this…a lot of work, time. I don’t know if I have it…

Be positive.

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