Not pointy – that’s the point!

I’m going to follow the lead of a friend and revive this thing, with a general purpose of some generalized stress relief.

No, I won’t go into a load of detail. The points aren’t too important. What is important is the pain-making fact that those points are many; like the points on a serrated edge — a rusty, dull serrated edge. And there are children wielding this nuisance blade.

I hope I’m creating a basic picture for you. If not, let me give you some dots and line.

  • pointy things
  • rust
  • dull
  • sawing motions
  • skin
  • child-like intelligences, wielding

(Yes, I know the insane picture above doesn’t illustrate this, but I just like the machine.)

What to do? Meh. Not much to do! Slap away the blades. Toughen the skin. Drink fluids. Laugh…because this is how life gets at times. I’ve been through worse, recently! I just wanted to use the pretty picture and make words on a page; bleed a little before refilling my canteen and wandering off in search of a larger stick.

This has been healing! Thank-you.


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