Monument Valley

Living That Mobile Dream…

Is now 90% real. A couple of months ago Julie and I made the decision to live fully mobile. We’ve rented our home, bought our 5th wheel (and accompanying truck to pull the damn thing), and started cleaning out most of the things we own.

I have a “remote” job. It does not matter where I work. Julie began looking for a new job and as of today, she was offered two jobs this week. One of them is also a remote job…so we could fully realize our plans of just going wherever the hell we want, any time we want.
She’s accepted the remote job!

Boondocking and Solar

This weekend The Evil Genius and I start installing a massive Solar system on the GOP (Grand Oppression Palace), because we’re going to “boondock” as much as possible. Living off the grid, setting up our home in whatever landscape we choose, where ever we want to go, very few constraints (compared to what we consider “normal”). If it gets hot, we move to someplace cooler. If it gets cold, we follow the warmth.


Yeah, there are sacrifices we’re making…too many to list–honestly! We’ve had to give up a LOT! Friends and family are stationary. Space is very limited (weight is limited!!). Maintenance will increase. And (contrary to popular belief) this is an expensive lifestyle. We have spent a mind-boggling amount of money on this. Both of us have had to “give away” hobbies (Julie, her wine-making materials and the most awesome wine incubator ever made! I am almost to the point of having to give away my beloved motorcycle because of weight and space limitations.)
Since our work relies on a solid Internet connection we’ve had to take great pains (at very high cost) to bend every means available to our dark purposes, which ain’t easy and can be very complicated. To make it worse? We’re not even done with that part yet.
Huge sacrifices…but what we will gain!
Hell, we can take our home to Burning Man! Heheheheheheheh….
So, the Mobile Dream…worth it? Can’t say, don’t know, don’t really care! We’re too far down the road to turn around.
We’ll let you know!
That Mobile Dream
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