I’ve been a long time gone…

Not slacking or slouching the time away. The hours spent changing things were well spent. Time passed on planes, travelling to distant lands; time spent building a new, solo company–doing my thing, my way. I’ve been constructing a foundation for “what I want”, but not always able to do the “want” vs. the “need”.

When you stack the “need”, the pile’s pretty high.

Then consider what life does, what age does, and how the stars align. Some Stupid, combined with coincidence, has created a few injuries that take more time down for recovery. But all of that is temporary, and the foundation is beginning to become firm, freeing my hands from balance to start working on the “want”.

Write, ride, stare into dark skies. Listen to friends and family laugh, wander the outside and take the camper off-road. As soon as the body finishes healing, there will be more. I will report all of it that’s worthy of words.

Make a schedule, make moments, avoid that “long time gone” again.

Long Time Gone
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