the motorcycle

The Motorcycle

Since I abandoned this space in early 2013, another friend of mine rekindled my obsession with motorcycles. It literally took one post on his Book of Face page and less than a month later I had bought one. Let’s preface this by saying it had been a long stretch of years since I had ridden. Let me add to that by saying I’m not exactly young (nor am I old).

You’re going to see a shit-pile of pictures, posts, philosophical ponderings, platitudes and puns about Riding on here. If you follow my Instagram you will SEE (with eyes) the obsession and all of its many, many ramifications. There’s more than an animal growl and machinery between the legs involved with this; there’s an indescribably simple (is that possible?) need to ride.

I’ll try to sum it all up in a quick shot.

No matter what state you’re in when you start, by the time you finish that ride, you’ve transcended and transformed into someone more pleasant and appreciative

But that’s just me.

Be prepared.

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