Two reviews on the story…although one got pulled, don’t know why (it wasn’t me!). The one that’s left is from someone who liked the title but not the story. Odd thing, they said “sorry” at the end of the review.

No need! If you didn’t like it that’s okay. I’ve been doing this long enough to know not everyone will like everything and I’ll be the first to admit my writing isn’t for everyone. I’d much rather know why someoneĀ didn’t like something than have a load of sunshine stuffed up me.

On another topic…there’s another story about finished. This one’s called “Lure”.

Think of it as dark fiction with some erotica and a twist tossed in. A stunt reader has it now…once they’re done I may put it up.

Tags: sorry, reviews, story, finished, dark, fiction, erotica, twist, lure

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