Pessimistic Idealism?

My dreams are woven from dark fabric; bound in smoke and fire – embellished with tears. Yet, to see such decoration our eyes need light. It is pointless to weave intricate patterns that cannot be seen. There can never be destruction without creation.

Pessimistic pondering must be balanced by Idealism, or the entire dream collapses into depthless nightmare.

So, yes. I am a man with Pessimistic Idealism driving my thoughts. Since nothing is mutually inclusive, these two clashing concepts work in balance to create some future vision. I think they birth Hope…and a fragile Faith.

The Dream Named “Doom”

This post is born of a shared creation, something I believe many of the X Generation have contributed to. We lay down, close our eyes, our ever-restless minds split into those fragments which, in part, make dreams, and we collaborate. The collaboration is Dream Named “Doom”. It is fueled by a childhood of impending destruction, brief moments of brilliance (where Humanity reveals their Greater Nature), then beats it down with blood-stained clubs.

We bred, gave birth to the next generation, and they have bred, gave birth to the generations after.

In the dream, these generations are on a short clock. They are doomed to suffer an event which will either destroy us entirely or cull us to centuries of insignificance.

I can’t cry, we’ve constructed this with our own hands. Our parents blessed the endeavor, our toil moved it forward.

The “Balance”


Idealism is quirky, fickle. It’s not a warm retreat; it’s never “safe harbor”. It’s just a Hope, a small nest of Faith for the Faithless.

Personally, I look to the Law of “Equal and Opposite Reactions”. I have Faith that there cannot be Doom without Birth. Anyone who has tried to wipe out a nest of cockroaches knows how difficult it is to kill the entire population. I believe Humanity will be similarly resilient. Even if we’re not, Life always finds a way — and on this Earth, the food chain has been disrupted many times only to be rebuilt.

It’s Balance…always balance.

HOPE it’s the distant ancestors of our children.

HOPE our history is lost…since no one learns from it anyway.

HOPE some memory of past wrongs guides them to a greater place than we have made.

I have FAITH something will rise, and it will be beautiful.

My Idealistic Self sees this glowing…thing and the Dream Called Doom fades into a sense of peace. I won’t be here to see it, I won’t even give it a passing thought as my remnant energies course through the Universal Constant.

But it’s a nice dream…and, sometimes, it keeps me alive.

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