Scheduling of Things

…is a pain in the ass.

Sure, one would think there would be easy and simple methods available to make scheduling uncomplicated¬†across the world, between many keepers of time and information, systems; without “oversharing”. But there aren’t. Nothing safe and secure and willing to provide a sane (ha!) individual with some semblance of a “Work-life-balance” that separates the hungry spheres of Personal and Professional.

The only real solution is low-tech. It’s cut-and-paste, click and liberal use of the word “No”.

After that, you record the boundaries you’ve established for today and hope they hold tomorrow, because each slip, every surrender makes you a little less human and a lot more drone.

And, of course, battling for surrendered territory is a real bitch in the crotch. You¬†can take it back, but you’re going to lose a few testicles and be forced to surrender some brain cells in the process.

Scheduling….oh scheduling. When will my robots just know!

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