The outline is pretty much finished and it’s definitely going to be…interesting.

Without giving away too much, I’m going to be telling the story of one of the least mentioned, but most important, characters in Mr. Rain and The Weathermen. Unfortunately, it’s a really different perspective and very tricky story to tell without going all technical, geeky and “intense”.

Fortunately, that’s one piece I believe I’ve gotten put into the puzzle.

While slicing the outline, a bitch of a technical problem popped up.

Since I do a lot of my writing on Google Drive, I kind of like them to actually be there when I’m ready to write. Last night, a few folders vanished, along with their contents. I was displeased! So I continued to look here and there, employing nasty works and undocumented procedures to confirm that, indeed, they were in my Drive. BUT they didn’t appeared to be….um, synched up? It wasn’t until this morning that everything was where it should be.

Anyone else seeing this problem?


Leaking Drive
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