As “The Spin Up” proceeds (the process of getting ready to tackle a pretty major writing project…in the midst of chaos), I am going to do something I see a lot of people ask about.


What sort of tools do you use to write?

I’ll answer that…suiting my own needs. I’ve used a LOT of them over the years and I’ll be honest, most are a complete waste of time, money and energy. The tools that work the best are the tools that work for you. That’s it! Nothing else. Just use what gets the job done and ignore the rest until you have time to figure out if they’re actually worth it.

I’ll warn you now…I’m a tech person. I rarely touch a pen and paper. I hate pencils. Typewriters are cool paperweights and Orson Scott Card is a douche (I’ve met him, talked with him and this is my opinion).

I will be using a new thing or two…forcing myself to learn them as I go. But most will be old, familiar friends. Prepare to rant, rave, agree or comment.

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