…is everywhere, and it’s seeping into life — both waking and sleeping.

One vector is the seemingly omnipresent “Facebook”. This last year it’s become a decisive battleground of Stupidity, Hate, Intolerance, and simple Denial. Passive-Aggressive “Vague-booking” is the norm and few people really pay attention when something important rolls through their feeds.

So, I deleted it. I didn’t just “deactivate” it…oh no! I deleted it.

What prompted this? Not really important. Sure, there was an exchange that was the final straw…and yes, I’ll probably make another account, eventually, but it won’t be “me”, it will be something I use for simple promotion when I need it. (Facebook is, unfortunately, pretty crucial to marketing.)

I love Social Networks that actually “work”…so I’m in search of another one. Wonder if I’ll find one?



Well, turns out I needed the account I had. Wish I didn’t, but there are a few people and a couple of things that are much more difficult to interact with outside of the Book of Face. A great Culling has taken place, some Blocks happened. Should do for now, but damn I’m sick of that network and the majority of what happens there. Twice in the last year, I’ve come across situations where people have tried bullying me. The first time involved people I didn’t know…just random threats because I stood up for what I believe. The second time was from people I know, people I’ve counted on to “watch my back”…and again because I stood up for what I believe; for standing up for a friend who made a stupid, dumbassed decision that I DO NOT agree with.

There was no “dialog”. There was no attempt at understanding or “agreeing to disagree”…just insults and veiled threats and more bullying.

People who really know me, know I do not tolerate bullying in any form. I will take it, diffuse it, remove myself from it rather than escalate it…but I never ignore it or “walk away” from it. It’s always there, and it’s still “our problem”.

Bullies…put an end to their games.

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