I decided it was time to do some more work on this site, get a bit more serious. So, all two of you will see the difference! New design (I’ve worked with variations of this one on quite a few sites I’ve built, but this time I get to really start pushing it). Also new servers…something built for this sort of thing. It will take a few days for the dust to settle and the tweaks to kick in, but so far, only a couple of stumbles.

This means it’s down to the hour; I’ve got to get to work. Squeezing the time is a trick–there’s plenty of work on the table right now, but I’ve found you can’t give without taking. It’s just too damn hard to sit down and not replenish when things are pouring out of you.

Not complaining, I like being busy, it motivates.

I’d love to hear your input on the new digs.

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