Mods to the Yamaha Bolt Brake Light


And now…making your Yamaha Bolt say “Oh Shit!” …or other bad and smartass things.

A whole lot has been said about this, so I’ll just provide links. Source code, schematics and video are all below. In short, my brother and I built a brake light modulator that tucks into the tail light housing and blinks rapidly, in Morse code and says “Oh Shit!” every time I hit the brakes.

Very effective! My mom is the only person that can read it in real time (well, my brother can too, but he knew what it said already).

Here’s some YouTube… (more details below the video)

Link to the existing topic on this (I think it’s in the Technical Library now, thanks to Norm!)‘oh-shit!’/

My brother (The Evil Genius or KA7OEI…whichever you prefer) made all of this possible with some C code, a bit of hardware and some glue. It was put on a small board that fit into space within the brake light assembly, so it’s all self-contained and protected! We did seal the board, just in case…sucks to short out your brake light, so take this extra step!

Yamaha Bolt custom brake light modulator

The technical details for this modification are available from my brother’s website (link to source code, schematics, etc.); it’s not specific to the Yamaha Bolt, so you could easily to this on any bike! It makes for a great project that takes a couple of hours if you’ve got the right equipment and/or the right connections. You can make the light flash pretty much any message you want!

I’m adding a second brake light soon…(I’ll explain later) and haven’t decided whether or not it will be slaved to this or just left to behave normally; I have the time.


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