This is a post about motorcycles. You have been warned!

I own a 2014 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec, Gray, also known as the XV950. I love this bike. But (always a few of those…) there were things about it I immediately wanted to change; I’ll talk about some of those in future posts. One of the big, “couldn’t happen soon enough” changes was the exhaust.

The Bolt comes with this big whiffle bat of an exhaust that is frustratingly quiet. You can take a drill to its baffles, but that will only get you so far, and you’ll be left with a whiffle bat that has some holes in it. The treatment makes it marginally louder but not really any more impressive sounding. You’re left wanting “more”.

Me, I’m always looking for an “oddball”. I don’t want my bike, “Spivey” looking like every other damn Bobber/Cruiser hybrid out there, so I do what I can (mostly through long searches, talking with people, a lot of research and making my own solutions) to add little touches that make this my own bike without making it look too ridiculous.

When it became know that Yoshimura was making an exhaust for the Bolt, I got all kinds of happy. Months later, I got my greedy mitts on one and spent a few hours installing it.

Yamaha Bolt Stock and Yoshimura exhaust

Yamaha Bolt Stock and Yoshimura exhaust

Since I was one of the first to do this, people wanted to see and hear, in exhaustive detail, what it sounded like compared to the stock XV950 exhaust. So, I made an exhaustive video detailing it.

Soon, I should update it. I’ve had this on for a year now (no fuel controller yet, not required) and it’s all settled in. I love the sound, LOVE the look.


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