Begin. again…

Earlier this year we literally gave away everything we owned and went full-time in our 5th wheel (the Grand Oppression Palace, of GOP). Then, of course, life happened! Now we’re in a new city, getting ready for another stage, moving into an apartment. We own a house in Provo, Utah–we have the GOP and It’s not the┬átime for another house…yet. So we’ll begin the job of “getting new things”. The job of collecting furniture, memorabilia, pictures to hang on the walls, lights to make ambiance. Etc.

I’ve done this before, usually through the process of divorce (I’m very happy that’s not the case!)…I love having a “Clean Slate”. Not being tied down by dust and tradition and past lives. As a bonus, we didn’t even have to bring all those mounds of “shit we have no idea what to do with” along for the ride! It’s just us and two cats, a few things we kept, our imaginations and Us.

That’s pretty damn cool!

It’s not depressing or intimidating. While I miss my family and my friends, while I wish they were here, we have a support base. We’ve got our place to live and we have jobs.

So we take our time, plan, find the picture from which this puzzle has been made and put it all together piece by piece. Discover, build, grow, learn, experience everything this new “place” has to offer. We do it together.

It’s outside of that comfort zone, but it is where I love to live…

It’s just a transition…like waking up or going to sleep–A progression.
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