Sounds of the mountain came to him, even as he knew no passing of sun or stars or moon overhead. The passing of time caused an ache in him, even as he regarded, in a disembodied way, the aging of his bones and his flesh; the toll on his mind. He valued only isolation and the vantage point it gave him. It was an unchanging view of a world that was as it had been before his birth, and would be after that world reabsorbed him after death.



Weather, seasons, temperature…nothing. These were facts that focused routine.

They would not take him from his place on the mountain. They would not ask him to leave. He was Johis-rad. Isolated. And he was Johis-rad by choice and nature.

For a time, in the places where people gathered and built their lives, he had lived. In that space of years he had even worn their habits of making goals, taking a spouse and bringing children into the world. Others had come to him and spoke of their own paths through life and he had listened. Many times and many attempts were made by him to speak of the path he was taking, but always his own voice seemed lost in the noise of too many lives with too many troubles talking louder of greater issues. So he bowed, feeling that pressure of things pressing down as the hard crust of silence built within him.

After a while the crust covered things molten and violent. But he was not a violent man. The waters he looked into reflected a man he began to not know as himself.

Fearing this reflection, he left, with nothing and became a memory of less.


There was no space left by his disappearance. No comments on the absence and no scab. He was simply forgotten as a misplaced item of clothing or a lesser valued thing.

When the world ceased to matter and his wandering lost its purpose, he settled to a seat on the rocks of a lone mountain slope and listened to the sounds of a world speaking to itself, not understanding those words and no longer caring for their meaning; existence both a curse and a release. Alone, by decision, and still remembering all that he heard from the life left behind.

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