How Hot is Your Yamaha Bolt VX950?

I got a Flir One a little while ago…for, Reasons (they have the iOS version too). As soon as it arrived I got the idea of taking a video of my Yamaha Bolt VX950 after a good bit of riding in a canyon (good climbs, speed and load). Unfortunately, I also separated a rib right about then, so it was delayed.

Today I got the chance to try it out! Why? I always see new owners (usually new riders) asking if the air-cooled bike was in danger of overheating. Simple answer? Nooooo.┬áKeep it well maintained and you’re good!

Here’s the video!

From the video description:

I apologize, the audio is very low volume. Thermal video of my Yamaha Bolt VX950 after about 45 minutes of canyon riding in about 80 degrees F at between 4500-5000 feet. Now, I have an Ivan’s reflashed ECU, no fuel pack, a BIlly Bob intake and a Yoshimura exhaust. The temp of the engine is pretty stable at around 200 deg. F (a little higher), while the exhaust is a bit hotter.

The point here…your air-cooled Bolt is fine. It’s not going to overheat or even come close! I’ve been riding this bike for almost 4 years now and there are times where it’s been over 100 deg. in stop and go traffic. Other than being a bit toasty on the legs (exhaust), there’s never been an issue.


Shot with a Flir One on Android.

How Hot is Your Bolt?
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