Update 12.31.12 — Here’s the link where you can get it: http://goo.gl/SR97S (link opens to Amazon)

For several months now I’ve had this damn reminder on my task list.

“Start rewrites!”

Busy, busy, procrastinate, procrastinate. I never started that damn list until now. Tonight I finished (finally) a story I wrote in one day, with a fever of 101…back in 2005. Seven years! It’s been out to many stunt readers, I even sent it, unfinished and raw, to a publisher who sent it back with many notes.

That was dumb…but I was on a roll back then and figured “What the hell!”

Now it really is done and has slid to the “Fuck it, Ship it!” pile. It will be reviewed one more time over the next several days before its 6000+ words are compiled and Amazoned. I may submit it to the Singles collection (again, What the hell!) and/or just publish it. I’ll also see about reading it, recording it and putting it on Audible.

Either way, it’s going out and it’s going out under this name.

That other piece I’ve been working on for the past few days is almost ready as well. It will go out under another name, for another audience, but that will be two out the door.

I’m just damn glad to finally say Mr. Rain and the Weathermen is DONE.

I hope you like it.

Here’s just a brief excerpt.


Mr. Rain moved closer to Mrs. Thunder, reached out to touch her shoulder. She glared at him, looked into the dark at Mr. Gloom and bowed her head, shaking. He completed the gesture and pulled her closer to him, quieted her shakes.

“Such passion Mrs. Thunder.” He cooed. “Such anger. We will do for them what we can. But we must not tip our hand. The world cannot know what we know. We must feed this knowledge slowly as we have always done…carefully.”

Mr. Rain guided Thunder to her seat and placed her gently in it. He nodded to Mr. Gloom, who exited the room silently, through the back.

“We will begin assembling our assistance teams, our resources and our funds to assist with this…clandestinely. The problem we face is we only have this Event. We have no data on anything surrounding it. We don’t have any precursors, any predictors nor do we have any real knowledge, yet, of what will come from the aftermath. We have nothing to go on that will tell us how to proceed and feed this knowledge to NOAA or any of the other Agencies.” Mr. Rain pursed his lips and tapped them with an index finger.

Two men entered the room from the front and walked to Mrs. Thunder. She protested slightly as they helped her to her feet and guided her out of the room. The other members of the group looked at each other nervously, then to the back of the room.

Mr. Gloom was already back. No one had heard or seen him re-enter.

Mr. Rain had not seemed to notice. His thoughts were far away, his eyes were on a blank wall, his finger still taping pursed lips. For a long time, there was only silence and the hum of air-conditioning.


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