2016 Riding Season

My Yamaha Bolt has been in the dark for far too long. Has your own bike suffered from months of hibernation?

The ECU…chained down and constrained

Ride- Yamaha VX950 Bolt

Unchained ECU! Now, install it!

Ride- Yamaha VX950 Bolt

I deleted the mirrors…and added a single, new mirror from Pangea Speed.

Now get out there and RIDE!

It’s time, my friends; Winter is releasing its cold grip on the Northern Hemisphere. Everywhere the dark is receding, the snows are melting, temperamental storms are voicing change and the air is (slowly) getting warmer.

This means it’s time to get your rides ready for 2016. Remove their covers. Unclip the trickle chargers. Let their tires feel the ground. Start them, allow them to take their first breaths of this new year’s air. Make your winter’s mods final and gird your loins!

Brace yourselves for an early Spring’s chill and put yourselves in the Wind!

The time has come to start riding…the 2016 season has begun.

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