Do you see this pen?

The Pen

The Pen

The pen is a common tool. We use them daily; boxes of them fill our drawers and cabinets. When they’re used up, we don’t bother fixing them, we just throw them away and reach for another–disposable tool…

It’s a pity we don’t regard them as close friends and more useful things that can simply be refilled. It doesn’t matter that, over the hours and days and months in our hands and our pockets, we don’t appreciate the way they mold into our grip; or the way we modify habits to fit pens into our hands.

I realize, in this time, we treat people like pens.

In the past they were cherished; they were prized! They were passed on from generation to generation. Decorated, unique, worn and loved.

Now, they just come in bulk. When we use them up we get another. We lose them and never bother to search.

I’m sad that, in this time, we treat people like pens…

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